About Quality Printing Limited ...
Quality Printing Limited is an award-winning professional printing firm which has been serving clients worldwide more than 25 years in the production of fine quality art books, children books, magazines, catalogs, brochures, posters, direct mail, advertising collaterial, calendars, greeting cards, packaging and more...

Our modern ISO certified factory located in Hong Kong, Tokwawan. Equipments on the permises includes 2 up-to-date Heidelberg 4-color and 5-color printing presses and 3 sets of 1c, 4c, and 5c digital presses, a wide array of trimming, binding, packaging and modern equipments for producing a wide range of printed products.

What sets Quality Printing Limited apart from our competition is the uncompromising dedication to quality from which we derive our name. Applying our management team's decades of expericence, we don't cut corners, we communicate openly and honestly, and we strive always to proactively offer choices that contribute to the best possible result for your project.

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In memory of Mr. Tze-wah Chan who was passed away on 20th February 2014 due to sickness. Mr. Chan was the Sales Manager of Quality Printing Limited since 2010.

The management and staff of Quality Printing Limited express their deepest sympathy to his family.

With a strong commitment to Quality Management we have received this awards:
ISO9001:2008 Certified (accredited 2010-2018)
ISO9001:2004 Certified (accredited 2002~2010)

Quality Printing Limited is an environmentally and socially responsible quality printer we received these awards:
ISO14001:2004 Certified (accredited 2011-2018)
CARING COMPANY Award (accredited 2009~2018)

Quality Printing Limited has awarded a FSC™ wood products control system according to the Forest Stewardship Council® certification system that under Chain of Custody standard [FSC(COC)]. (Awarded)



Fund Raising for AVS Charity Run Sports Fun Day 2014
Quality Printing Limited sponsored the printing of promotion materials for Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS) of promoting volunteerism and service development.

Fund Raising for ChariTea 2013 & 2014
Quality Printing Limited sponsored the printing of charity tea-pad packaging for YWCA in the ChariTea fund raising program.

Fund Raising for Children Charity Foundation 2013 & 2014
Quality Printing Limited sponsored the printing of the Children Drawing Competition for Children Charity Foundation.

Fund Raising for Haiti Children 2010
Quality Printing Limited sponsored the design and printing of charity candy pack for UNICEF in the Easter Charity Sales Campaign for the Haiti children.

Sponsor to Care Action 2005~2014
Quality Printing Limited has been sponsored the 30km charity walk in the Pak Tam Chung country park.

Run For Charity 2008~2014
Quality Printing Limited was invited by the UNICEF to sponsor the Charity Run.

Fund Raising for China Children’s Week 2009~2011
Quality Printing Limited sponsored UNICEF’s fund raising for China Children’s Week activity from 2009-2011.

FSC Certificate